Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Voting for the Sunday Star

Here's a idea that seems perfect: an online selection of audio clips and an invitation to website users to vote, American Idol style, for the best Sunday singer in Raleigh. Early word is that votes are arriving about one every 90 seconds. Linda Williams explains here.

Anybody else doing this?

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  1. While we took a break last year, we did produce two seasons of 'Young Idol' online.

    Singers auditioned in a mall-cattle-call; the top 10 were recorded and our visitors voted for the best week after week until a winner was chosen. The last time we did it we recorded more than 10,000 votes through the contest.

    The winner got to sing a solo in the annual symphony Christmas concert series - and at The Bee holiday lunch. ;)

    We are working to do it again this year.

    modbee.com/The Modesto Bee