Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jeff Jarvis at ONO

The apparently ubiquitous Jeff Jarvis is on the road again, this time headed for Cambridge and the annual convention of ONO -- the well-named Organization of News Ombudsmen.

Jeff posts notes at Buzzmachine about what he's thinking of saying on the blogosphere's role as newspaper watchdogs. It's a thoughtful pitch and I think nearly all correct. Have a look and see whether you agree.

A taste:

We need to see the news story as more of a process and less of a product. And once we do that, we open the door for collaboration with the public. So that relationship need no longer be solely about complaint and fault. It can be about cooperative effort, asking for each others’ help, networked journalism. So now, before the story is done, we can ask the public what they know that we don’t; we can ask them what they want to know; they can ask us to find facts. This profoundly changes the relationship between news organizations and their publics.

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