Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Resistance is futile ...

David Weinberger makes the argument in this Harvard Business Review commentary that aggregation not only adds value to information, but probably also represents an unstoppable trend in the information world. I agree.

Adding value to information is what we do, and learning to do so better and more effectively is where our future success will be located. If you're not engaged in learning to aggregate on your websites – local news, local blog traffic, opinions, reader photo albums – you're missing a big bet.

A taste:

In the long run, resistance to aggregators is futile. Somewhere, undoubtedly, a couple of kids are sitting in a dorm room figuring out how to aggregate and disseminate your firm’s data. Executives should therefore make sure that aggregation works to the advantage of their company, their customers, and the firm’s other stakeholders.

Postcript: Weinberger's new bookEverything Is Miscellaneous – makes sense out of the changes that come to infomration management in a networked, digital world. You can have a look at the prologue and first chapter free online at this site.

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