Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Building online communities

Mathew Haughey, who founded MetaFilter, probably knows as much about online community as anybody. This recent post on his new blog fortuitous distills recent thinking about the subject to a few highly useful tips. Recommended.

Here's a taste:

If you're building a community you have to love what you're doing and be the best member of it. It takes great care and patience to create a space others will share and you have to nurture it and reward your best contributors. It's a decidedly human endeavor with few, if any, technical shortcuts.


  1. For the flipside of community management and fair dealing, look no further than the overnight outcry over events at Flickr and JPG Magazine.

    Even if the facts are still somewhat up in the air, there are definitely lessons in how not to do community management.

  2. ... Updating my own comment...

    Flickr apologized for deleting a user's photo and it's attached comment stream. The JPG Magazine issue is still playing out.