Monday, May 28, 2007

Building digital journalists

Here's a great idea: a one-year masters in journalism program at Medill that helps prepare people to work in the intersection of news and digital networks.

Are you a skilled programmer or Web developer? Are you interested in applying your talents to the challenge of creating a better-informed society? Do you want to learn how to find, analyze and present socially relevant information that engages media audiences? Do you see possibilities for applying technology as a way to connect people and information on the Web or new delivery platforms?

If your answers are "yes," consider coming to Medill for a master's degree in journalism. You can earn your degree in just a year. You will learn new skills that will open doors to new opportunities that might help build a better democracy. And a new program at Medill offers you a chance to win a fully funded scholarship.

What does that all mean? See the cartoon in thepost below this one.

Information available here, from Medill.

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