Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ten obvious things

There are a couple of things in this list of ten "obvious things about the future of newspapers" that I'd take modest issue with, but for the most part Ryan Sholin has hit these issues squarely on point.

Here's a taste:

It’s time to stop handwringing and start training. If your editors are still writing navelgazers about the cataclysmic changes in the business instead of starting training programs to teach some new tricks to you and that guy in the cubicle next door, that’s a problem. Stop whining and move on.

and this

Reporters need to do more than write. The new world calls for a new skillset, and you and Mr. Notebook need to make some new friends, like Mr. Microphone and Mr. Point & Shoot.

Thanks to buzzmachine for the pointer.

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