Monday, June 18, 2007

3 ... 2 ... 1 ... liftoff

McClatchy's new national website for public affairs journalism launched about noon Eastern time today.

Yes, there are some glitches and missing parts. But it's up and we're proud of it.


  1. Howard, this looks really good. I have a few questions/comments:

    -- The title of the site (in the top of the browser) calls this "McClatchy Washington Bureau." If it's supposed to be a national/international site, then that should be changed. And if that should not be changed, then on behalf of the McClatchy newspapers of Washington state, it should be called "McClatchy Washington, D.C., bureau."

    -- I notice you're posting stories from some of the newspapers (an ADN story is on the home page currently). Is this from the D.C. reporter for that paper or is it coming from that paper's Web site?

    -- Is there a strategy for promoting this site at a national level? Should we be promoting it on each of our Web sites? Should we pick up the RSS feeds of certain blogs so they show up on our sites?

    -- Might this be a good place to aggregate the hundreds of blogs being written and published across McClatchy?

    Andy Perdue
    Tri-City Herald

  2. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I really like this idea of aggregating some of McClatchy's national and international reporting. The design is also clean and easy to navigate.

    As far as future improvements, I would love to see the site showcase some of McClatchy's top-notch photojournalism and multimedia. As the latest Pulitzer's indicate, we've got some great work out there.

    Will the site sell advertising in the future? Just curious.

    Joe Jaszewski
    The Idaho Statesman

  3. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Nice platform ... lots of potential here ... right idea, of course.

    Congrats on getting it launched.