Sunday, June 10, 2007

I can see your thong from here ...

Have you turned on to Google Street View, where the already impressive Google Maps actually turn into a 360┬║ virtual neighborhood tour, based on real photos?

It's cool. It's impressive. Spooky, too.

Mark Morford explores the spooky aspect in a great column at sfgate. It's a good piece, and this is one hell of a paragraph:

Ah, Google, you great wicked benevolent super-cool vaguely disturbing Big Brother ├╝berbitch mega-company, quietly taking over the entire goddamn Net universe and most of the terrestrial world, too, one cool but simultaneously unnerving innovation at a time.

UPDATE: I later came across this, which makes the same point in a different way: Google Interiors: The Day My House Became Searchable.

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