Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Breaking up is easy

Greet Desager made this video as part of a campaign for ... Microsoft?

Watch the video and you'll see why that seems unusual. Of all the top-down, hierarchical companies in the world, I'd rank the Redmond giant near the top.

Along with old-style newspaper companies, of course. That's why I think the message in this video is worth your while.

And here's Desager on the thinking behind the spot, from his blog Bring The Love Back:

Together with our ad agency Openhere, I’m currently making a commercial for Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions. The film is called ‘The Couple’ and makes some statements about the relationship between today’s advertiser and today’s consumer. A quite risky project if you know that the commercial explicitly challenges the advertisers - our clients - to question themselves and the way they communicate with their target groups

Thanks to Richard Sambrook for the pointer.

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