Monday, January 15, 2007

Notes from the north

Okay, this is exciting for me.

Kathleen McCoy
, one of the best journalists I've ever worked with, is on leave from her job running features in Anchorage to be a Knight Fellow at Stanford. Lucky for her.

And lucky for us, she's devoting that time to exploring the changing media landscape, and has decided to share what she's learning. She's just launched a blog, available here, to offer pointers, links and observations. The initial series posts are encouraging and helpful; I expect she'll keep that momentum and turn this into a great resource for journalists everywhere.

The blog (Hello from Kathleen) is addressed mainly to colleagues in Alaska at the Anchorage Daily News. The material is obviously of interest to journalists everywhere, but I think her ADN orientation will make this even more valuable as she mixes the real-world experience of working at an ambitious mid-sized paper with the exhuberence of a mid-career fellow at play in the fields of academia.

ADN doesn't have a big staff of new media specialists, online content producers or web programmers. Bringing the fruits of wikis, blogs and podcasts home to the subarctic means finding ways for journalists already hard at work producing the daily newspaper to incorporate the skills and attitudes essential to networked, digital journalism.

I know Kathleen well enough to expect her new blog will blossom into a an important resource for us all. (No pressure, Kathleen). Stop by and take a look.

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