Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The new Wall Street Journal

Those of you who read the printed WSJ will certainly have noticed that today's the debut of its new design. Instantly different: narrower, new typeface, somewhat more modular layout. It's an attractivenew package and this initial offering is, as you might expect, packed with impressive features.

You can read the publisher's letter here, and download a hefty PDF of their "Readers' Guide" here.

Take a look.
–Howard Weaver

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  1. Mario Garcia's column on page 8 of the special section announcing the Journal's changes should be required reading for every editor and newspaper designer.

    He makes a sound explanation of the redesign from a visual approach ... and reinforces how the visuals and the written content go hand-in-hand. Content always should drive the design, and this is even more true today than ever.

    Here's a prediction: The next big trend in printed newspaper design will be away from the little story nuggets we see so often nowadays and more toward long-form journalism which, frankly, is more enjoyably read in print than through countless clicks online. That's a strength of the printed medium (for now, at least), and the Journal's redesign properly plays to it.

    The breaking news and shorter stuff work well online. The in-depth stuff is better in print. The Journal's new design seems to recognize the seamlessness between online and print -- and will direct readers online for stuff that's impossible to print (audio, video, source docs, etc.).

    Dare I say, "daily news magazine"?

    Joe Kieta