Thursday, January 25, 2007

Journalism ADD

I don't know much about the WEF Media Leaders Council, but I did like this blind quote from some one of the moguls at Davos, from SacredFacts:

Finally, a neat way of differentiating journalists and bloggers. "Bloggers suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, journalists suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder." In other words, journalists report and move on and don't always follow up. Bloggers are obsessive, get hold of an issue and won't let go....


  1. I believe it was Arianna Huffington who said this during the DLD conference ( in Munich earlier this week.

  2. The Colbert Report's "Word" segment just had a cutting satire on blogging and Web "journalism."

    Colbert talked about how he'd pick up on a rumor and hope that another blogger would post the rumor so each's site could corroborate the other.

    I watched it Thursday evening on what I believe was the rerun from the night before. I'll try to hunt down a link and post it.

  3. You can see the "Word" bit on Click on the videos tab, then on the Colbert Report area. I tried embedding a direct link, but Blogger balked at it. The episode is the one dated 1/24.