Monday, April 07, 2008

Two finalists for Pulitzers

Newsrooms at two McClatchy papers are sighing and celebrating today, having just learned that they were named finalists for Pulitzer Prizes.

PUBLIC SERVICE: In Charlotte, a team of Observer staffers contributed to the paper's entry, which the citation describes as an "illuminating examination of the mortgage and housing crisis in the newspaper’s community and state, resulting in federal probes and changes in a major lender’s practices."

BREAKING NEWS: In Boise, several Idaho Statesman staffers likewise were involved in coverage of events triggered by the mens-room arrest of Sen. Larry Craig, work the Pulitzer Board described as "tenacious coverage of the twists and turns in the scandal involving the state’s senator..."

In each case, the winner was from the Washington Post (for coverage of Walter Reed Army Hospital and the massacre at Virginia Tech), so hats off them (dammit); the Post won six Pulitzers in all.

UPDATE: Did anybody notice any Pulitzers at all from papers west of the Mississippi River? Kind of astonishing how little good work gets done out here. (At least Bob Dylan lives in California part of the time.)

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