Friday, April 18, 2008

Ten things you didn't know

Lisa Williams, founder of Placeblogger and a prolific commentaor on the intersection of journalism and tech, has a provocative list of the things she thinks journalists need to know about surviving in the high-tech environment journalism now inhabits: Ten Things Journalists Should Know About Surviving In a High-Tech Industry.

Can't say that they all seem right to me, though others seem entirely on-point. Here are a couple:

3. Nobody has the right qualifications. If you think you aren't qualified to work at Google or Yahoo!, you haven't worked there. People with all sorts of backgrounds have jobs at high tech companies. The best way to get a job at the New York Times is to start by getting a job at Facebook. Bring your values to online companies; bring your skills back to news companies. Repeat.

4. Company loyalty is obsolete. Think projects, not companies. Look for interesting projects, not prestigious companies. You'll stay with a set of ideas for a decade or more; those ideas may get housed in half a dozen companies during that time. Companies can't and won't provide stability, and even prestigious, exciting companies have a ton of boring, dead end jobs.

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