Monday, April 21, 2008

Learning more about blog readers

It begs the question to call this finding the product of "research" (just 15 people were included in the study) but a preliminary examination of blog reading habits undertaken by U.C. Irvine professors does yield some intriguing findings. I'd recommend reading it, not as anything conclusive but as a spur to further thought about what will surely be a growing part of our future.

A taste:

In other words, when it comes to some blog readers, keeping them may be much easier than getting them in the first place–a finding that suggests the importance of good marketing for blogs ...

One interesting finding: the blog readers typically professed little stress about information overload in trying to keep up with their favorite blogs. When they got behind on reading posts, they just skipped the old ones. (Blogs apparently are not like the pile of New Yorker magazines you intend to get to–someday.)

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