Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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Our alt.campaign feature is now up on the McClatchy DC site, with this intro:

A poet? A screenplay with fictional endings? Pop culture?

What's all that doing alongside the REAL campaign coverage on a news site?

Well, it's amplifying, we hope. Illuminating. Invigorating.

The new feature we're calling "alt.campaign" is intended to be just that: an alternative look at the campaign news we (and so many others) will be presenting for the next 15 months. A world where YouTube and Swift Boats are crowding Tim Russert and George Will deserves some new points of view. When one of the top stories from the real campaign is about an Obama Girl who doesn't have a thing to do with the Obama campaign, you might as well ask a screenwriter to spin out some alternative endings now and then.

We're asking a handful of high-quality observers to make some non-traditional observations for you as this campaign unfolds. Your ideas, reactions, suggestions and opinions are solicited. Help Joe find an angle that needs coverage in our campaign screenplay. Whisper campaign secrets in Amy's always-eager ear. Send us your own video coverage of campaign events, or your own commentary about the unfolding pageant of democracy.

And welcome to alt.campaign.

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