Saturday, August 11, 2007


We've talked about the Fresno Crime Map here before – a compulsively useable reader reference that seems certain to appeal to audiences everywhere. Others have had success with features like the Crime Scene K.C. blog at the Star, and Lights & Sirens, in Tacoma. The L.A. Times has a sophisticated new iteration, too, available here.

Each of these projects takes a different approach, but each rests on a fundamental truth: people are interested in crime, especially when it gets localized and focused on their own back yard.

Why aren't you running the Crime Map, for starters? Fresno can supply the architecture; you just need to arrange for local data inputs.

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  1. Hi Howard: We in SLO have just debuted our version of a crime map. We had to build ours from scratch because of how we get the information from the San Luis Obispo Police Department. That said, it is a very cool map that shows every day's calls on a map, satellite image or hybrid of both. You can see it on
    Hope all is well,

    Tad Weber