Monday, March 05, 2007

Techies 92, Readers 8

As Scott Karp points out over at Publishing 2.0, webheads and tech folk really liked the redesigned USA Today website and all its social bookmarking features – comments, tags, user content areas and the like. About the only dissent in the tech community came from those who thought it didn't go far enough.

Readers? Well, Karp points out, 92% of the first 130 who posted comments hated it, according to this post at The Next Big Thing.

I'd caution against over interpreting either the technoid enthsiasm or initial reader reaction, but there is a lesson here. Simply diving into the flavor-of-the-month is no guarantee of success. Like Karp, I look forward to watching as USA Today fine tunes the results, as I am confident they will.

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