Saturday, March 17, 2007

Community service & viral marketing

How cool would it be to provide a nitty-gritty, community service in a way that also polished your brand, drove traffic to your website and made you feel good?

At a glance, it looks to me like the Morning Call's idea for making databases built by the newspaper available as embeddable widgets might do all that. There's a quick discussion of the notion – and a link to one Morning Call example – available at the Journalistopia blog. [I saw this first at; thanks.]

The example in the Journalistopia post is a searchable database of breeders and kennels. Why not? But I can see more traction for widgets built around your election guide, your restaurant reviews, your best columnist's archive.

Addendum: If you don't understand why this is close to a slam dunk way to get bloggers pointing to our content, that's another good reason for you to start blogging. You'll see.


  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    I just keep preaching the gospel of sharing. I don't always stop to explain why its important.

    I like your last graph.

    Speaking of sharing, when is McClatchy going to start using Creative Commons, like GateHouse? :-)

  2. You obviously need more lawyers at Gatehouse, Howard.

  3. Thanks for posting about our database widget. I'm pretty proud of our idea.

    Chris Krewson, online editor
    The Morning Call