Monday, December 04, 2006

Should every journalist
also become a blogger?

A journalism instructor in the UK argues here that every journalism student should become a blogger, if only to understand better how the blogosphere is changing things for journalism.

Here's a sample:

But the real point of getting a journalist blogging at this early stage in his or her career is that the bloggers, in all their variety, with all their different skills and abilities and interests and biases, are reshaping the world in which professional journalists operate just as much as the telephone shook up the profession in the first half of the 20th Century.
Thanks for the link from Sacred Facts.
–Howard Weaver

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  1. Should every journalist be a blogger? I don't know about every single ink-stained wretch working on the copy desk (as I once was), but we should consider it for all reporters. If we truly want to cover our communities, our reporters should be blogging with the tidbits that don't make the printed page.

    And everyone in the building could contribute to a blog or forum on tiny bits of news from their neighborhoods. The newspaper isn't going to cover a new Starbucks opening down the street from your house, but it's still important to the people in that area of town. Why not use all of our resources to report community news?

    How information-rich would our Web sites be if everyone at our newspapers blogged for 5-10 minutes per day?