Saturday, December 23, 2006

The future of video
is ... newspapers?

Video journalist and professor David Dunkley Gyimah from England makes a case in a post from Online Press Gazette that internet opportunities offer a wholly new evolution in video journalism. His discussion is full of references to British programs and personalities I don't recognize, but his essential point seems right.

And the part I liked best was this observation from a BBC VJ:

Now, everyone's doing video-something, or at least has the tools to do so. The BBC has a division of VJs, Channel 4 has won awards with them through its indie scheme, and regional newspapers are breaking interesting and fertile ground.

One experienced BBC VJ told me: "The real threat for video news will come from the newspapers."

Newspapers doing video journalism? It sounds incongruous, but we really shouldn't be alarmed ...
There's scant discussion beyond that, but the possibilities are already apparent.
–Howard Weaver

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