Saturday, December 16, 2006

I'm just sayin'...

I doubt that this item means anything. Just made me feel better this morning, that's all.
–Howard Weaver


  1. I'm a vegetarian between meals.

  2. I'm a vegetarian between meals.

  3. Anonymous1:48 PM

    So, we find that being smart means you are likely more cognizent of the consequence of food choices on health-- truly a revelation. As your intro line explains(apologizes), I doubt that being vegetarian really means anything, in terms of being distinct and separate from other conscientious(sp) diet regimes. It seems the meat of the thing (i love meat) is this:
    "We know from other studies that brighter children tend to behave in a healthier fashion as adults -- they're less likely to smoke, less likely to be overweight, less likely to have high blood pressure and more likely to take strenuous exercise," Gale said. "This study provides further evidence that people with a higher IQ tend to have a healthier lifestyle."

    Here's to hoping I haven't posted my trite commentary more than once....


  4. So what did our editor serve at a holiday gathering last evening? The biggest hunk of prime rib I've ever seen not on four hooves and mooing.