Saturday, April 28, 2007

Widgets, etc.

Chris Krewson & Co. at The Morning Call keep pushing ways to distribute information with widgets and other techniques, and I keep thinking there's good reason to do so.

You may remember we had an interesting exchange in some comments to a post on this blog back in March about using widgets. I had pointed to a Sarasota investigative project and its associated database, wondering why it wouldn't be a good idea to make that widely available as a widget people and organizations could install on their own websites. The Morning Call did just that, with a widget that let people search for dogs.

Now they've introduced another. You can easily install a Morning Call widget that updates the results of Pennsylvania poll results from the presidential campaign. If I wrote a political blog in Pennsylvania, I'd love to install that on my site. Done right, it could build both brand and traffic for the Call.

You should be thinking of ways to use this technique. Other people are.


  1. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Um, it's Chris Krewson, not Klewson.

  2. Fixed it; thanks.