Sunday, February 25, 2007

Newspapers adapting better than TV

There's been talk lately about how newspapers are ahead of television itself in figuring out the emerging new model of using video for web journalism. I liked this discussion, from Rosenblumtv:

The irony, at least from my own perspective, is the comparison between news organizations that have traditionally worked in print and those that have traditionally worked in video - that is, local TV news stations. The magazines and newspapers have far less problem adapting to video; at least in the VJ model - that is where the reporter carries their own small camera and laptop, and produces their own stories. The magazines and newspapers ‘get it’ right away because this is they way they have always worked. Newspaper journalists have never worked with a crew. They have never had to wait in a reporting situation for ‘the pencil to arrive’.
Take a look at the comments that follow, too. They seem to be mainly from traditional television producers who only want to say "It'll never work ..." Where have we seen that kind of attitude before?

Thanks to BuzzMachine and howardowens for spotting this.

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