Friday, February 23, 2007

Emerging standard for local coverage

I try, but honestly I don't always see the great daily work being done by all our operations.

I came across a sterling example this morning, featuring print and online, multimedia coverage of a big fire in a Raleigh subdivision. In a way, it's a routine story that might get overlooked or under-played -- no exploding chemical plants, no fatalities -- but it has huge resonance in the community.

I was taken by the range of of this coverage. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that it's really not all that special any more; this is becoming the standard for what we do with big local news, and many of you are doing this regularly.

But give yourself come credit; this is miles ahead of what we could do even a few years ago – not just comprehensive coverage in the next day's paper, but also breaking news alerts, constant online updates, video, multiple photo galleries, sidebars, "how you can help" features, and so on.

I want to encourage you all to flag great work for the rest of us to share. You can either let me know and I'll handle it here, or post on your own. (As you know, anybody can poast a comment here but you need to be a "registered user" to post articles; to get approved please contact my assistant Jill Christensen, jchristensen(at)

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