Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Work you ought to see

I'm preparing a report for our board of directors, and I'm falling in love with my research of great news projects around the company. I highlighted several here earlier, and here are a couple more.

To Catch A Killer (Fort Worth Star Telegram): multimedia in the fullest sense, this powerful story was told as a true-crime serial in the newspaper, presented as a compelling documentary video, and has subsequently captured interest from both local and national television. Compulsively readable, it's also a potent examination of a justice system gone wrong.

60 Seconds (Miami Herald): meet the male escort, the hard-working Haitian shopkeeper, the ever-optimistic real estate agent living in less than 400-square feet. Don't miss my favorite, the rich kid on Fisher Island who tells us how normal he is while the camera pans a closet that looks like Nordstroms.

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