Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In praise of brevity (2)

Editor and technologist Kevin Kelly has a post that celebrates the virtues of writing short by offering examples in several formats: four-word film reviews, five-word reviews of musicals, six-word reviews of songs. If you enjoyed our examples of six-word short stories here earlier, you should check out Kevin's examples here.

A taste:

[Here are] seven words of wisdom collected by Tara Parker-Pope on the New York Times Health blog. She was inspired by Michael Pollan's haiku-like message in his book "In Defense of Food." His seven-word nutrition and diet advice is in brief: "East food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Retaining the 2-3-2 word sequence, the Times accumulated 1,000 seven word edicts. Samples:

Get exercise. Frequent and regular. With sweat.
Accept him. Or dump him. Relationship fixed.
Call Mom. Let her talk. Don’t argue.
Thanks kottke for the pointer.

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