Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New editors for two McClatchy papers

Melanie Sill has been named editor of The Sacramento Bee, and John Drescher is named executive editor of the News & Observer in Raleigh.

These papers are in fine hands.


  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    A one-woman focus group FYI:
    I'm on the verge of buying 2 newspaper subscriptions, one for coffeehouse and one for workplace.
    I'm trying to decide between the Bee and the NY Times; it's difficult because it's not clear (to me) in what direction the Bee is headed, particularly with respect to environmental coverage - have no idea if it'll be getting better, or worse.
    Official announcements have been vague, which (bringing to mind D-squared's One Minute MBA) leads me to fear the latter.
    (So - because the new Bee is an unknown, and I don't want to inadvertently support a move in the 'wrong' direction, I'm currently leaning toward the Times.)

  2. The New York Times is a great newspaper, and I recommend it.

    But if you want to know what matters in Northern California, it's no contest. The Bee has a distinguished record of environmental journalism. It's a newspaper that won a Pulitzer Public Service prize for covering Sierra environmental issues that just announced a new editor who led a Pulitzer Public Service prize for envionmental coverage in North Carolina.

    Honestly, this is a quandry?

    P.S. For the price of a couple lattes per week, you could subscribe to both.

  3. Anonymous12:58 PM

    > Honestly, this is a quandary?

    Not any more.

  4. Anonymous8:59 PM

    a few suggestions, for the Bee's (nonexistent? unobtrusive?) online suggestion box

  5. Anna - thanks for the suggestions. Keep 'em coming: msill@sacbee.com Melanie

  6. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Stick with the New York Times. The Bee is going to cut back on coverage like every other daily, and its environmental coverage will get worse, not better. For the local stories you care about, you can always go online. The Times runs more stories, is more professionally reported and will give you a better view of the entire world. For the most part, the Bee's quality is declining and will continue to do so.