Monday, October 01, 2007

What's new?

I don't typically nod in agreement when I read Steve Borris' observations about news, but I found a lot to think about in this post about why blogs represent a potent way to spread the news.

What's new? The answer found in blogs can be personal, tentative, textured and interactive. But traditional top-down media, he argues, answer the question like this:

... ever since the printing press was invented, when we’ve asked “what’s new?” we’ve been getting answers to a very different set of questions. What’s new among people who are richer, more successful, more glamorous, or more powerful than you are? What’s new that most people are at least somewhat interested in? What was new yesterday? What objective, verified facts are new? What new things perfectly fill-up a specified amount of time, column inches, and publication frequency? What’s new in New York and Washington, or the downtown of your metro area? What do New York Times editors want you to know today? What bad things were done by someone the editors don’t like, or good things were done by someone they do?

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