Tuesday, September 26, 2006

vita.mn therapy

I've flagged the Minneapolis entertainment website vita.mn for you before. As you know, it's now in a soft launch phase, and there are still some features (like good RSS feeds) to attach, but the reviews have already started to come in.

Believe me, you're gonna want this for your own sites. It's worth you while to pay attention now.

Ken Doctor puts it this way in his blog Content Bridges:
Maybe there's just enough time for newspapers to reclaim a fundamental "things-to-do" franchise and grow it in the age of citizen/eater involvement. One bright light that bears attention: the new stealth-mode, very tag-friendly, user-gen-oriented vita.mn product planned by the Star Tribune in Minneapolis.
Here are a few other links worth following:

* gridskipper loves the use of the .mn domain. (It's Mongolia, btw.)

* A robust pro-and-con at mnspeak, where users debate vita.mn's utility.

* Another Minneapolis blog thread, likewise with mixed reviews, is here at Metroblogging Twin Cities.

The idea of content and commentary supplied by users is central to the vita.mn concept, and there haven't been that many users during this soft launch. So it's unspruising that early reviews won't reflect the whole concept.

As more users discover the site and the fabulous tools that let them customize and manipulate it, that will change. You heard it here first.
–Howard Weaver

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  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    As a full member of the Miami chihuahuas,
    I take issue to the derogatory comments made by Tom the other day -->>In staff meetings Tuesday, Miami Herald reporters asked whether the paper was caving to critics. Editor Tom Fiedler dismissed that notion, saying the ''22 people who listen to Cuban radio'' were being stirred up by ''little chihuahuas nipping at our heels.'' The paper has no fear of losing my subscription. This chihuahua's perception is that the Herald for 40 years have followed a policy of systematic attack to anything Cuban (by cuban I mean independent not bowing to the Herald's line), and that the Radio Marti alleged scandal is directly related to the Heralds desperate attempts to obtain a bureau in Havana, even at the cost of wharever "objectivity" it has left. I also identify more with a mutt than to any particular breed. I believe that cubans are a mixture of all races and regions of Spain, and as mutts were are sturdy, smart, affectionate, and have no shame, specially when backed by our accomplishments in one generation in this country - i.e. cabinet members, senators, representatives, and state and local elected officials, and our economic power which the Heral fears.
    Sincerely: Pablo D. Perez (bark !!)