Thursday, September 14, 2006

Strib readers join the debates

Take a look here for Anders Gyllenhaal's blog post explaining a new feature of election coverage that the Star Tribune calls Debate Tracker:

The idea is that the coverage of every significant debate through Nov. 7th will include a summary and highlights that will be used to build a special page online that tracks the course of debates. This will let readers look at the ebb and flow of debates over time, and also add their thoughts and commentary to the feature.
–Howard Weaver

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  1. Valerie from Ifra6:36 AM

    you once said something like print newspaper mission is to 'build' citizen (can't remember the words but I believe it was the idea). Reading this blog and discovering tools like debate tracker makes me feel that candidates will have to watch their words more carefully than in the past election. Very interesting to follow the discussion from France. Specially this year since we enter a capital election in a rather cahotic atmosphere.