Friday, September 01, 2006

Asking about news

It sounds a bit simpleminded, I know, but lately I have taken to asking people – friends, barristas in coffee houses, guys smoking outside a restaurant – where they get their news, and why. I'm more forward then I used to be when I see Google News of their computer screen or see them reading the alternative paper, or hear them mentioning some blog they saw.

Do any of you do this? What are people telling you?
–Howard Weaver

1 comment:

  1. Whenever I see someone reading a paper other than ours, I ask them why they like it, do they buy ours, and if not, what would make them buy ours.
    I've never had anyone look at me like I'm crazy (although they may be thinking it) and I've never had anyone who doesn't have a reason for reading the paper they're reading.
    It's always interesting to hear what folks have to say and they always have a fairly specific reason for reading a certain paper (everything ranging from sports to comics to depth of stories).