Saturday, March 04, 2006

Slutty one night stands of the media world

I admit that I read this post because of that original link headline at Instapundit: Once you get to the item -- a media column by William Powers in National Journal, it's a bit less racy, but still insightful. A central point:

I meet new blogs all the time, through word of mouth and serendipity, and we have some nice moments together. But I don't usually crave a second date. Life is too short.
But don't get smug. He has cautionary words for all of us toiling in media vineyards. To wit, this:
In a world of way-too-much media, no one medium or outlet is ever going to get a firm grip on our attention, no matter how much mindless buzz is lavished on it.

My takeaway: blogs are tools, not silver bullets. Good tool users will prosper, the clumsy will fade.

I think Powers is smart and cogent, and I recommend the whole column. It's available here.

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