Saturday, March 18, 2006

Film at 11 ...

Here's a clip of Gary speaking at the Kansas City Star, courtsey of We were there for a fly-by visit, the last stop on the first week of our Tell the Truth & Run tour. I'll try to post some more notes about the experience here soon. Maybe after my nap.

And in the meantime, where the hell are YOUR posts? I know a lot of you signed up. How about somebody writing something to get thinsg going again here?



  1. Aside from Gary's comments on the Star, one of my take-aways was the nice promo ad at the front of the video. I have thought of doing some video house ads for circ and classifieds. This is a good example.

  2. That video is pretty slick. We just hired a guy with videography experience and are itching to see what he can do once his newly ordered gear arrives.

  3. One point that struck me in listening to this tape of Gary as well as in seeing the McClatchy strategies outlined in the Wall Street Journal piece and elsewhere, is that these ideas he's talking about aren't new. These are the same points that Gary and Howard have been making for a couple of years now about the future of our profession and business. It's interesting to see the reception -- and some of the debate -- they produce. In some of reviews we've been seeing from what will become McClatchy newsrooms, the ideas have been greeted as new and different. But it's important to note that one of the reasons the company has been successful is that the strategies -- from focusing on circulation to placing huge emphasis on oneline to sticking to growth markets -- have been in place for long enough to show results. With the purchase of Knight Ridder and the larger stage that it provides McClatchy, these ideas are getting more attention, as they should. But one of the points that's of partiuclar value is that the best way to deliver the kind of journalism our papers are about and the impact we're after is to stick to a clear, set strategy that doesn't change with the expansion of the company.