Saturday, March 18, 2006

A McClatchy blog directory?

Does anyone know of a link to blogs at McClatchy papers ? Actually, what I'm really seeking is links to blogs posted by other McClatchy editors and managing editors. I try to post several times a week and I'd like to see what others are up to. There's just the tiniest chance I might appropriate some of your ideas for the blog Editor Mark Vasche and I share. It's at


  1. If someone's compiling this list, all of the Herald's blogs can be found at

  2. A current list of the StarTribune's blogs is maintained at

  3. We've got two main blogs in Fresno right now: The Beehive (with multiple authors, including some newsroom folks: and Opinion Talk (written by the op/ed team:

    And we're launching a new photo blog very soon.

    Oh, and I owe Matt and e-mail. Sorry, Matt.

  4. provided all our blogs generate RSS feeds, it should be relatively simple to create a page that integrates them all using an inline RSS reader.