Friday, July 22, 2011

Encounters with a Terrible Mind

After brief exposure, I can say two things about "terribleminds," a blog I recently encountered written by a freelancer who calls himself a "pen monkey":

1. His writing style is too frenetic and often somewhat precious for my taste; and
2. He comes up with insights I find highly original and useful to me in thinking about evolving media.

Not always, which is hardly surprising. After all, I'm just not interested in or even engaged with many of the subjects he explores. But when our interests cross, I've found him provocative and stimulating.

Like this, from a recent post mainly focused on Google+:

"Twitter isn’t for everyone. I get that. But it’s definitely my one true social media gal pal. It took the formula put out by Myspace and Facebook and flipped it on its ear. Twitter is the beat poetry version of social media. It’s some crass noisy combination of soapbox-shouting, flea-market-hawking, carnival-barking, stand-up-joke-telling, and haiku-having. It’s got the motion and madness of a city street with all its sounds and smells. Twitter is ever the low but persistent hum. I merely need to tune into its Zen frequencies for a time. It requires no massive investment. It demands little of me. I splash about in its waters like a spider monkey who has never before played in the ocean. Splish-splash.

"But — but!

"Twitter is shit for conversation."

If that resonates with you, I'd encourage you to visit the site and try his thinking on for size.


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