Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grand theft

Maybe the best lesson I learned during the long newspaper war in Anchorage was this: if you come across a good idea elsewhere, consider stealing it. If the good idea shows up in the competition, steal it immediately.

I thought of this today when reading about Martin Brodeur, perhaps the best goalie of the modern era. Good advice:

Brodeur, 36, can eclipse Patrick Roy’s league record for career victories Tuesday at Prudential Center against Chicago, but he is never satisfied by the way he plays. He says he has a hybrid style that is still evolving, with techniques picked up from other goalies.

“Anything I think will be good for my game, I’ll steal from them,” Brodeur said. “It’s fair game.”

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  1. Roy Neese4:42 PM

    Our saying when I worked at Wash. State University was "the best ideas are stolen." Don't ever assume the geniuses are all under your roof.