Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wiki weirdness

If you've been trying to access our new wiki today, you may have had problems. Here's the latest from their site:

PBwiki status update
Author: Ramit Sethi Filed under: General
Tuesday Jul 8,2008
7/8/08, 3:55pm: If you’ve noticed your wiki is sluggish or inaccessible, we’re aware of the problem: Our upstream network provider is having connectivity issues, and we are monitoring the situation to restore access to your wiki ASAP. Your data is safe, and we’ll update this blog post as soon as possible.

PBwiki blog for status reports in available here.


  1. Anonymous5:38 PM

    This I must point out, and call me a geezer if you will. My newspaper has had no such technical difficulties all day. I pick it, flip the pages, see things I found interesting that never would have popped up in a google search. I put it down, did the dishes, ran errands, did some work, picked it up again. No power outages created any problems.
    I still celebrate the newspaper, thanks!

  2. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Trouble with the tracking program used to identify anonymous posters, I bet.

  3. Naw, that's been working perfectly :)

  4. Anonymous9:05 AM

    @Jim, ah, see, my paper had problems all day. I wanted to read it at lunch, but I left it at home and couldn't get to it. I was going to cut out a comic I read a couple of days ago, but I'd already recycled that paper. Oh, then there's the fact that the picture I wanted to see today looked bad because of registration problems.

    Nothing's perfect.


  5. Anonymous10:42 AM

    This is Chris from PBwiki. We'd love to do a case study on McClatchyNext if it goes well for you. Anything else we can do to help?

  6. I went to click on a link in my paper for more information and I poked a hole in the medium.