Sunday, April 09, 2006

Two clear, probably transforming trends

I wanted to bring an article from the latest AJR to the attention of others. It's available here.

It's about four newsrooms (Houston Chronicle, Washington Post, USA Today and a small Maryland daily) and what they're doing with the continuous newsroom. Some of us are already experiencing many of the things they're talking about, but it's an interesting reference point for all of us.

Here's a set-up graph by Carl Sessions Stepp, who wrote the piece:

Most striking are two clear, probably transforming trends: a move toward merging online and print newsrooms, and a surge toward producing news almost around the clock. These changes may well revolutionize newsrooms, and they raise important questions. Who will produce the volumes of copy required? How will quality be monitored without the overlapping layers of editing? What will be stressed in hiring? How will all this affect the enduring and ingrained newsroom culture?

– Dave Zeeck

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