Sunday, April 24, 2011

Researching "Write Hard, Die Free": a time machine to Alaska 1972-1992


I've been busy doing the first major revision of Write Hard, Die Free, the history I'm writing about the Alaska Newspaper War. Sometimes I play music we once listed to in The Club China Doll while I work and it feels like I'm actually living in 1974.

The working title is 
Write Hard, Die Free
Battling corruption, Big Oil and bad journalism
to win the Alaska Newspaper War (and two Pulitzers)

I'm working toward release in the spring of 2012, Insha’allah Boukrah Ma’alesh. Seems slow after living at internet speed for so long.

I'll have a Facebook page for the book when things are a bit more certain. Please watch for it; I've been telling the truth, so I'll need all the friends I can get.

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  1. Andy Perdue2:05 PM

    Howard, I can't wait to read this.

  2. Well, my social media marketing is working on at least one person. Thanks.

    BTW I'm using edgeandflow.posterous,com as my main blog site now, although I think everything is mirrored here.