Monday, August 17, 2009

One-book novelists and perpetual panelists

Apropos of "one-book novelists" wherever we find them, this note from one of the best American writers most people have never read:

... Creative Writers' Workshops, poetry seminars and Festivals of the Arts will materialize midst campus greenery. The Failure of Hemingway The Failure of Faulker The Failure of Whitman The Failure of Melville The Failure of Crane The Failure of Twain The Failure of London and The Failure of Wolfe will be revealed by one-book novelists embittered by the failure of David Suskind to invite them to a party where they might have met George Plimpton or even Alan Funt. Just anybody.

Perpetual panelists will clobber perpetually rejected novelists with symbolisms concealed in the work of other perpetual panelists. Manuscripts will be returned with the instruction: Insert more symbols. This can happen anywhere but chances are better in Vermont.

Hand In Hand Through the Greenery,

with the grabstand clowns of Arts & Letters

in The Last Carousel, by Nelson Algren, 1973

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