Friday, December 05, 2008

Oh yeah? Says who?

Harper's Magazine has often used an "annotation" format to deconstruct a public document of one kind or another, offering marginal notes to explain what the material really means.

I haven't seen it used much in newspapers, and never as effectively as in this example from the New York Times. I've come to believe that newspapers too often let challenges and rebuttals go unchallenged; in this new age of boundless discussion and debate, we need to be in the middle of all the arguments. This side-by-side presentation seems especially appropriate to me, and I'd recommend it.


  1. As always, this is a great observation, Howard.
    The "interaction design" of this format is excellent. Visually laying the ideas out side by side allows you to compare them and weigh them in your mind more easily.

  2. Do we know if there's a tool for doing this easily?
    (ala scribd, etc...)