Thursday, December 04, 2008

Links growing at NYT

Dan Gillmor notes, and offers a quick introduction to, a couple of noteworthy developments at the New York Times.

The most important by far is the decision to link and aggregate aggressively, including "links to coverage in other media — including bloggers and direct competitors."

Surely it's clear by now that our role as information curators mandates linking and aggregation. We've done some, but not enough. The good news is that it's getting easier to do; and that's the bad news too, of course, since it means others can do it to.


  1. Muriel Strand7:40 AM

    A 99-percentile reader, I have yet to find a website that transmits meaningful news as efficiently as a newspaper. I have yet to find a blog or other forum on the Bee's website that offers better linkages or information than my own google search, on any topic. I suspect that news judgments will continue to be too warped by advertising revenue addictions for this to change soon. To me, the Internet looks kind of like the baby brain (as per "What's Going On In There?" by Lise Eliot) before myelination. I am deeply worried about how the Internet brain will be miswired if our society's focus on profit rather than reality continues.

  2. Khoi Vinh, the design director, blogs about the design and development of NYTimes Extra.