Sunday, February 17, 2008

Is mobile ready to match its hype?

Mobile devices are getting better. Opportunity is growing.

That's the basic message from this post at Evans Ink, but there's more to read about the prospects. We're working at McClatchy Interactive to optimize delivery for mobile devices, but you ought to be thinking about how to take advantage locally, as well. Email alerts, Twitter streams and other simple deliveries can get you started.

From Evans Ink:

In the US market, Mobile has be be a critical part of every local publisher’s strategy and infrastructure investment work in 2008, gaining a serious place in the media publishing and new ad inventory for 2009. Let’s not lag this time ...

In the European market, while Mobile clearly is ahead in mass personal use adoption and publisher involvement, the shift to next generation devices, and a growing importance of web-derived and influenced usage patterns, has the potential to catch the publisher moving too slowly. As noted in the MacWorld article linked above, UK’s O2 characterized iphone as deriving “unheard of data traffic” on their mobile net.

We need to begin thinking of how advertisers will be found in other engines, and how promotion and embedded distribution will evolve.

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