Sunday, January 27, 2008

One thing about blogging

This blog has been a useful way for me to highlight things around the company I think everybody ought to see, and it lets me express opinions and send informal messages.

What it doesn't do is engender much exchange. Maybe that's not possible when the boss blogs, but it should be. Anonymous posts are welcome, after all.

What I'd like is recognition that I'm not sure about everything I post here, that I need your ideas and refinements, that we're all kind of making this up as we go.

This parenthetical note from a blog called Confused of Calcutta expresses what I'm after precisely:

[I’m not sure I’ve got it now. But then that’s what makes blogging so valuable. I can stick something out here and invite comment, watch you improve on it or cut it to shreds or even do both — at the same time — without getting hung up about it.]

(The post it's from is fascinating, too.)


  1. One advantage to being blog literate is that after awhile you begin to learn that there is a lot of freedom in sharing your views.

    Experience blog participants, I don't think, hold much against people who express differing views.

    I don't get too many differing views from GHS employees on my blog, but we've had spirited discussions on our internal forums.

    It's important, I think, for people to speak out -- even if it's speaking out with the boss -- whether to agree or disagree. Discussion makes us smarter; and sometimes, it's important to get objections out in the open so they can be dealt with constructively, instead of letting them fester.

    So, I'm just encouraging McClatchy staffers to take Mr. Weaver up on his offer -- participate. You'll be glad you did.

  2. Anonymous3:03 PM

    I've fallen off the commenting wagon, but I'll hop back on.