Sunday, December 11, 2011

You kids get off of my lawn


Did you know you can design and order traffic signs inexpensively online?

I've become that guy, preparing this week to put up signposts and warnings along the vineyard road that runs by Redwing Ranch.

With the now-bankrupt Renwood vineyards across the road now in the good hands of Rombauer Vineyards, activity has increased dramatically. This is good news; we are grateful to have the vineyards in the hands of such good stewards. Together with the DiArie Vineyards and a Helweig property down the road, the vineyard owners are a fine lot: good neighbors and industrious husbandmen. 

But there's naturally more traffic now. We don't mind workers, owners and residents on the one-land privately maintained road, but do need to keep down the number of lookie loos and (more problematically) hunters. 

Having grown up in Alaska I'm at ease with fair chase hunting, but these busy vineyards and wooded properties are no place for that. I hauled a deer carcass out of our pond two weeks ago that had been killed and left to spoil: a pretty three-point buck, half-eaten by the time we spotted him. With all the workers, residents, dogs and business traffic, we don't need casual shooters.

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