Tuesday, February 08, 2011


We adopted "Write Hard — Die Free" as a newsroom motto for the Anchorage Daily News in the early 1980s, adapted of course from the Hell's Angels "Ride Hard Die Free" slogan. 

Staff artist Dee Boyles created the design shown here, initially as an enameled pin I gave to staffers as a Christmas present. The first generation had a green monitor (that's an SII Coyote for those keeping score at home). Red worked much better and subsequent generations all used it (including the jacket patch shown here (making the original green version rare. Still worthless, I suppose, but rare.

Wm Spear Design in Juneau later borrowed the slogal (with permission) and made a cool pin with a different design. You can have one for $8 at http://goo.gl/7CZpP

During a budget-cutting exercise in Juneau, staffers in the governor's office repurposed the slogan once again, as "Free Rides Die Hard."

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