Friday, January 07, 2011

The Beatles: best and worst

Earlier today I tweeted a random thought I had while listening to a big collection of Beatles music on shuffle:

Have been listening to lots of Beatles for the first time in 30+ years. 
Best songs are better than I remembered; the worst are much worse.

A friend asked for examples, which made me go back and think about why I said that. Truth is, it was a snap impression made without much thought. 
But on review, it does seem right.

Admittedly, any band with a few dozen LPs will have had lots of filler songs that they (and everybody else) knew were crap. Still, they’re there. In general I have tried not to pick those inconsequential songs as example of the bad, but it’s subjective.

Here’s a quick sample of one poor and one good song from a handful of albums:

A Hard Day’s Night: —You Can’t Do That; +Can’t Buy Me Love
Help: —Another Girl; +The Night Before
Please Please Me: —Misery; +I Saw Her Standing There
Revolver: —Taxman; +Elanor Rigby
Rubber Soul: —Norwegian Wood; +In My Life

(I imagine the last two will create some dispute, but for me there are personal as well as musical reasons behind those last two choices).

What would you nominate? Add them here in the same format:

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  1. Good game!

    White Album: -Julia +Blackbird
    Abbey Road: -Sun King +Polythene Pam

  2. Anonymous4:39 AM

    Saying there is a bad Beatles song is like saying there's bad sex or bad pizza.