Friday, October 17, 2008

Way to go, Anchorage

Editor & Publisher online reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Top 30 Newspaper Sites for September
Thanks to Palin,
Anchorage Daily News Crashes the List

By Jennifer Saba
NEW YORK – The Web site of the Anchorage Daily News zoomed up to make it in the list of top 30 online newspapers. The Web site enjoyed a 928% spike to 2.1 million monthly uniques in September, no doubt due to the paper's excellent coverage of Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

The E&P story is here. And the outstanding Palin report can be found linked off today's ADN Palin story here.

And eat your heart out, Atlanta, Boston and Baltimore.


  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Palin has "it," that curious magnetism that attracts attention and online hits. Obama has "it," too.
    Whether the coverage was "excellent" or not, The Anchorage Daily News merely benefited from intense international focus on Palin. Hell, traffic is traffic, so the Daily News gets its 15 minutes of fame.

  2. well if that were the case then all alaska media would have "merely benefitted" however, all other properties traffic actually went down after about a week of her announcement. check it out on HitWise if you think I'm not being truthful. otherwise your post smacks of cynical player-hater. rocks.