Monday, November 05, 2007

Taking newspaper communion

Jeff Jarvis has a perspective on the changing relationship between newspapers, audiences, contributors and participants. Worth reading.

A taste:
What we’re really seeing is the view of journalism from inside the cloister of the newspaper: Once you take a dollar from the paper, once you take its communion, you are transformed: You take a vow of political celibacy. You have no opinions and if you do, you hold them to yourself, like impure thoughts. You don’t participate in your community but stand apart from it. And you don’t mingle with those outside the walls who speak the vulgate, blog. So the priests of the paper said that the bloggers were sinners. And they were excommunicated.

(I'm due back in Sacramento this evening and hope to have more time and energy for the blog.)

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  1. I took from that post the examples of latent "us and them" that still exist in places where I'd hoped they'd have been banished from by now.

    They think this is “new media.” And they think that’s something they need to try. (I would have hoped they’d have come to that conclusion about 12 years ago.)